Laboratory Information Systems

Methodiq helps you design, build, integrate and optimize high-volume Laboratory Information Systems.

We design, build and integrate custom
Laboratory Information Systems

We build highly configurable laboratory information systems to support clean laboratory workflow process from order entry, collection and specimen intake to instrument connectivity, quality control and results delivery.

Custom Laboratory Solutions
Next-Gen Sequencing Workflows
Highly Scalable Solutions

End-to-end Custom Laboratory Solutions

Methodiq helps genomic, pathology and toxicology laboratories maximize revenue, reduce compliance risk, and increase operational efficiency.

Client Connectivity
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Electronic Medical Reports (EMR), Fax, SFTP, Secure Email
Order Entry and Sample Accessioning
Electronic Orders, Automated Scanning with OCR technology, or streamline Manual Data Entry
Data Verification
Workflow engine help review order, demographics, and billing data information for accuracy
ICD Code Auditing
Automatically baseline, monitor, and alert on changes in ICD code usage
Prior Authorization
Increase the speed of approvals with data-powered prior authorization technology
Wetlab Workflow
LIMS, Instrument Integration, Barcode Generation, Sample Tracking
Analysis Pipeline
Sequencing Data Management, Bioinformatics Pipeline Integration
Custom reporting engines PDF and HL7 for easy EMR integration
Report Delivery
Patient Portals, PDF, EMR, Fax, Secure Email, SFTP
Patient Portal
Patient portals allow for 24-access to patient health and report delivery
Provider Portal
Improved collaboration between provider and laboratory
Chat Bot
Enhance patient provided data collection with natural language processing chat-bots
BI & Analytics
Enable your operations team with data-driven insights throughout your patient lifecycle, increase patient outcomes with accurate data, and optimize the cost of care
Technology to save time and resources when meeting CAP, CLIA, HIPAA regulations
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