Healthcare Data Management & Analytics

We help our clients with implementing or maturing their business intelligence processes with expertise related to industry regulations, and evolving standards of enterprise analytics and reporting.

Business Intelligence within Clinical Laboratories and Healthcare Systems

Throughout our BI practice, we have accumulated the knowledge and skills to develop high-quality business intelligence solutions from the ground up, as well as to tune implemented BI apps.

Identify and prioritize your highest-value improvement opportunities.
Develop and integrate data-based intelligence into your strategic roadmap.
Maximize the value of your data while considering the uniqueness of your organization.

BI Development

Coupling our BI expertise with AI competencies to deliver sophisticated business intelligence, ensures automated processing of big data, and makes complex analytics accessible for business users.

BI Technologies


DWH & ETL design

Historical claim data (PHI + non-PHI), claim transactions, HL7 messages and other data from your healthcare systems goes through several stages before you're given insights and recommendations that will help drive better outcomes.

Data sources
Data warehouse
BI platform
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Designed and delivered a custom, full featured LIS system for a Genetics Lab

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