LIS/LIMS Modernization

Get a grip of your lab and adapt your LIS/LIMS to your processes, not the other way around.


Off-the-shelf systems offer many features but fail to address all your problems

Most off-the-shelf LIS and LIMS are offered as a monolithic stand-alone products. 

This leads to:

Limited capabilities
Siloed systems
Data duplication
Increased maintenance costs
Inefficient processes

Implement a custom LIS/LIMS that suits your lab’s needs

Deploy on your

Define your data

Configure your own workflow

Implement and control integrations with other systems

As ex-Healthcare IT execs, we've been there

With off-the-shelf applications, IT leaders struggle with customization complexity and an IT staff burdened with maintaining outdated software.

But, with a modern tailored solution we help you:

Reduce infrastructure cost – hosted wherever you want
Design your own workflow
Increase your IT staff morale – working with modern technology

Get a grip of your lab workflow

Tailor your LIS/LIMS with modern technology, fully integrate it with your IT landscape, and automate your processes.

Technology that scales with
your lab

Built on a modularized system approach that allows processing more orders or samples without the need to re-engineer to entire application.

Agnostic integration

Import and export data using secure integration connectors, without needing to know specifics from the external systems.

Automated processes

Streamline your processes by defining what action or integration must be taken at each step of your lab workflow.

Getting started is easy

Schedule a call to get started


1. Schedule a Call

An initial understanding of your needs


2. Discovery

Translate your needs into requirements to be implemented


3. Get a grip of your lab

Get your requirements implemented the way you want and need

A LIS/LIMS that suits YOUR lab's needs

Build vs Buy is a constant dilemma for IT execs.

Buying a one-size-fits-all solution may sound great, but you are quickly presented with constraints and forced down with workarounds. In the long run, things get costly and complex. 

But Building your LIS/LIMS doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. 

As ex-Healthcare IT execs, we have been there and we know how to build custom LIS/LIMS solutions with a method that:

Quickly adapts to the IT roadmap
Quantifies deliverables and timelines upfront
Avoid common pitfalls
Progressively evolves the solution
Supports the scale and growth of your lab