Salesforce Community Portal

Expand the frontiers of your Salesforce experience


You may be underutilizing your Salesforce platform

Salesforce is more than just a CRM tool. 

It is a powerful platform but commonly underutilized due to a basic implementation that lacks an understanding of how a lab operates.

In today’s fast-paced world, Providers and Patients want to order tests easily and quickly. And both want to be notified as soon as results are ready.

Not providing these must-have features these days can lead to:

Poor brand perception and value
Increased order processing time
More Client Services staff to handle orders
Inefficient and costly process

Get the most out of the Salesforce platform

Self-service channel

Allow Providers and Patients to order tests and track results

Automate Case creation to handle exceptions

Free up your staff for more important tasks

The world has changed, and so must your lab

The way we communicate today has completely changed 

Customers want to get services and results quickly, with information at the tip of their fingers. 

Salesforce Community Portal expands your Salesforce capabilities to reach not only internal team but also your Providers and Patients, which can help you:

Add value to your lab’s brand, by offering a digital experience to Providers and Patients
Grow your top line, by making it easier for anyone to place orders
Reduce your costs, by freeing up Client Services staff time
Improve your results delivery time, by reducing the back and forth with paper requisitions

Expand the frontiers of your Salesforce experience

With Salesforce Community Portal, users from outside your organization can create Orders, track results, and much more

Fully integrated with Salesforce data

Make smarter decisions with a centralized view of providers, patients, and orders

Increased Productivity

Create and modify websites quickly


Leverage Salesforce’s built-in infrastructure and security

Getting started is easy

Schedule a call to get started


1. Schedule a Call

An initial understanding of your needs


2. Discovery

Translate your needs into requirements to be implemented


3. Get a grip of your lab

Get your requirements implemented the way you want and need

Extend Salesforce power to your Providers and Patients

Many labs have adopted Salesforce but are not using it to the full extent.

Don’t waste your investment by poorly using such a powerful tool.

We have implemented Salesforce Community Portals for Labs, that offer:

Provider self-service pre-registration
Secure, multi-factor authentication
Order creation form
Orders and Results management
Results notification process
Integration with LIS
Patient preferred notification methods