Salesforce Health Cloud for Labs

Unleash the power of Salesforce for your Lab


You may be underestimating the Salesforce platform

Salesforce is more than just a CRM tool. 

It is a powerful platform but commonly underutilized due to a basic implementation that lacks an understanding of how a lab operates.

This poor usage leads to:

Poor capital investment – you might pay for unused features
Data duplication – if you use it only as a Contact repository
Siloed information – if you do not leverage its FHIR® alignment
Unhappy users – they do not know what the platform is capable of

Get the most out of the Salesforce platform

Source of truth for Providers, Patients, and Insurances

Create Lab Orders integrated with your LIS

Automatically create tickets to handle exceptions

Easy and trustworthy reports

We know each Lab is unique

Typically, off-the-shelf solutions impose their one-size-fits-all approach to a business. 

As ex-Healthcare IT Execs, we know that when it comes to Labs, flexibility is much needed. 

With the proper Salesforce Health Cloud implementation, you can get:

Agility in implementing changes
Increased staff productivity
Improved workflow efficiency
Reduced system outages
Reduced IT costs in the long run

Salesforce Health Cloud for Labs done right

Unleash Salesforce Health Cloud capabilities in a setting that fits right for Labs

Single pane of glass

Make smarter decisions with a centralized view of providers, patients, and orders

Increased Productivity

Empower your lab staff with the right tools


Integrate with your Lab's systems using APIs or FHIR® messages and streamline your end-to-end workflow

Getting started is easy

Schedule a call to get started


1. Schedule a Call

An initial understanding of your needs


2. Discovery

Translate your needs into requirements to be implemented


3. Get a grip of your lab

Get your requirements implemented the way you want and need

Salesforce, tailored for Labs

Implement Salesforce the right way and watch it become the main tool for your entire organization.

Don’t waste your investment by poorly using such a powerful tool.

We have implemented Salesforce Health Cloud for Labs, spreading its usage across the board, such as:

Sales Team managing Leads, converting them into Customers, and placing Orders
Client Services Team supporting Cases, such as missing information and eligibility issues
Operations Team fulfilling Orders
Billing Team easily reconciling information
Executives having access to dashboards and reports with real-time data
Being the source of truth for Practices, Locations, Providers, Patients, and Insurance, and sharing the data with LIS, LIMS, and Billing systems through APIs or FHIR® messages